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Education for use in computer based learning environments.

Services from tutoring to computer repair, and security and game and website design can be found here.

I personally read every email sent to my support link.

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Cloud Computing

Documents may be saved to your cloud for further use. By emailing you can ask for blank documents of work on this website.


No ads are on this website. Please be careful not to click ads when following links to information when on other websites.


Websites are optimized to meet the needs of students to see information about lessons on their mobile devices.

Helping you find the right IT tools.

Computers, phones and websites as well as teaching them are my specialty. Whether you need a new divce or webpage, or just a little help going in the right direction. 


Clouds and Cloud Computing


IT partner with a shared vision.

Use these lessons from your phone.


Save everything directly to your Cloud.

Download programs to use directly on your computer. Windows, Linux and Mac Friendly

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