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Doce Me Veritatem - Teach Me The Truth

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Key strategies for Instruction


Though many methods of instruction exist, not one is perfect for all students, or teachers.  All are starting to integrate technology as part of their methods themselves to grow with new and emerging tech.

Strategies for teaching faculty

  • Remaining calm

  • Focused on instructional goals and needs

  • Creating clearing and concise instructions in multi-facisited ways

    • Images

    • Video

    • Typed instructions

  • Teaching methodologies

    • SAMR model

    • Bloom

  • Keeping current on new technologies

  • Maintaining contact with faculty to ensure that methods are working and following up for more help, questions and new topics.

Online sharing and Screen-casting Technology


Benefits For Different MSMC Disciplines 

  • Enables faculty to show resources inside and outside of class.

  • Can be shared as a resource for student questions.

  • Either share their own video or a related video, so teachers control the content.

  • Allows teachers to instruct content without using physical classroom time.

  • All above programs are free to use, some have benefits for paid subscriptions.

Examples lessons for classroom use:


  • Teachers can create videos teaching with different styles and methods.

  • Students can create video lessons on different topics to be posted online for peer review. 

  • Allows students and teachers to show and create their own content in their own way.


  • Teachers can model business methods and strategies for different scenarios.

  • Students can present as a business professional selling a product or introducing themselves to clients.

  • Students and Teachers can share ideas easily across the globe.


  • Online diagnoses for treatment is in the near future, being able to see and hear a patients symptoms over the computer will be beneficial.

Computer Technology

  • Teachers can create Tutorials for students to mimic installing and trouble-shooting issues.

  • Students will learn how to make their own videos describing steps to a computer issue or programming steps.

G-Suite and Office 365


Benefits For Different MSMC Disciplines 

  • Enables faculty to share resource documents inside and outside of class.

  • Teachers and students can collaborate online.

  • Assignments can be created and published in either program format.

  • Used in most offices and schools.

  • All above programs are free to use, some have benefits for paid subscriptions.

Examples lessons for classroom use:


  • Using G-Suite as part of instruction as a faculty member encourages and trains students for classroom ready scenarios and trouble-shooting


  • Faculty can create lessons and share them inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Data can be shared about projects and how to use programs for data analysis such as Access, Excel and Sheets.


  • Tracking and presenting information in medical journals to and from the web.

Computer Technology

  • Teachers can train how to trouble-shoot these programs and what computers work well with their specifications.

Mixed and Virtual Reality

mixed reality business.jpg
mixedreality education.jpg

Benefits For Different MSMC Disciplines 

  • Enables faculty to share resources in a 3D environment.

  • Teachers and students can collaborate online what they create.

  • Creates an environment where a classroom does not have to all items in a physical environment.

  • Is and can be used in different facilities and environments.

  • The technology is becoming increasingly cheaper and more cost effective.

Examples lessons for classroom use:


  • Bringing in items, creations and walk through tours as field trips to expand student knowledge.

  • Programs such as Slash3D, Unity 3D, Steam and others allow tours and studies of different locations and environments.

  • Teacher can instruct in a virtual or mixed world.


  • Teachers and students have the ability to manipulate products in a virtual or mixed environment. 

  • Allows students and teachers to research different cultural centers for trade and commerce to learn about a country or business location and culture.


  • Teachers and Students can view, manipulate and change different parts of a subject in a non-invasive environment. 

  • Can re-use simulations and reduce the necessity for purchasing sim-ulades and supplies.

Computer Technology

  • Teachers and students can create 3D coded models of objects and bring them into a virtual world they can manipulate.

  • Can sell the content that they create online in different app stores, or on personal websites.

Forward/Future Thoughts and Why you should choose me.

2017-03-07 22.08.59.jpg
padagogy wheel.png

Strategies For  Different MSMC Disciplines 

  • Creating an online environment for students to learn to their best of their abilities to succeed.

  • Gamification to learn and teach in an interactive co-operative environments

  • Integrating technology into traditional lessons.

  • Using new technologies that encourage learning and growth of faculty, students and college community.

  • Move closer to more online learning and hybrid learning formats.

Why Choose me?




Computer Technology

  • Masters in Instructional Technology at NYIT with GPA 4.0

  • NY Certified Educational Technology Specialist P-12

  • Bachelors in History Education Through Mount Saint Mary Grades 7-12

  • Google Certified Educator Levels 1 and 2

  • Social Media Skills: Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Instagram and more.

  • On Civil Service list for titles: Microcomputer Technician #6818 & Technology Instructor #66412

  • A+ Certified Computer Technician

  • Microsoft Office 365

  • Windows DOS - 10, Mac OS, Linux

  • Experienced with Unity 3D, Clouds, and Linux

  • Mixed and Virtual Reality

  • Google Classroom/Drive

  • Micro:Bit and Raspberry Pi

  • Willingness and ability to research and learn more.

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