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Education for use in 

computer based learning environments.

Services from tutoring to computer repair, and security and game and website design can be found here.

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Lessons From Anywhere

Setting up an online website for a class is helpful to teachers to keep lessons organized, neat and without printing copies. For students this means less to carry back and forth to school and a learning environment that they have become accustom to over there life growing up with technology. 

Digital Citizenship and Security

The internet is a wonderful place full of knowledge and tools that are useful for education, Gamification and learning for all ages. The Internet has some unsafe locations as well. Don't click adds and share personal information to be as safe as you can.


Student lessons can be formatted to be used, presented and completed by students on more devices then ever! The skills I've learned have helped me adapt with the ever changing platforms and teaching strategies to make relevant teaching and training models for teachers and students alike.

Helping you find the right I.T. tools.

Computers, phones and websites as well as teaching them are my specialty. Whether you need a new divce or webpage, or just a little help going in the right direction. 


Cloud Computing


IT partner with a shared vision.

Old Phone not charging anymore or it's time for an upgrade, I can help you pick something that will fit your needs.


Cloud Computing doesn't live in the sky, it lives in buildings around the world. Various applications do this for you. DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, just to name a few.

Computers can be a completly foreign entitiy for some, and other come naturally to them. Tutoring available, ask via my Support link above.

Charles Lynch [ Instructional Technology ]

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