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Acceptable Use Policy

An Acceptable Use Policy, or AUP for short, allows schools to govern their technology resources for students and staff. 

This covers the networks, all the devices that the school owns and what the students and staff can and cannot access on those devices.

To the right you will see an adapted school AUP that I have updated to show reflect some changes that might happen in the next few years. It is important to change these policies as new Technology comes out to reflect the needs of the students and staff of a school district while keeping everyone protected under the AUP and safely using the network, internet and devices the school own.

Typically school will have staff and students sign off on an Acceptable Use Policy at the beginning of the school year, or their employment.

You may download and view a PDF version of my adapted AUP below the scroll version of the document.

Read out of my Adapted Acceptable Use Policy

File for View and Download of my Adapted Acceptable Use Policy

Charles Lynch [ Instructional Technology ]

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