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Teaching and Learning Plan

Professional Development

This teaching and learning plan is a comprehensive roughly eleven hour Professional Development session that goes over how to set up a Blogger and how to add lessons to it so that students can take lesson from the website Sas Curriculum and other websites that the teacher has planned for their classes.

To the right are two examples that show how lessons and information can be added to a Blogger for students to learn in school, at home, and anywhere they are connected when ever an instructor posts information to their classroom Blogger. Viewing either will open a new tab.

Below are the files that go into depth about this Teaching and Learning Plan for Professional Development to be viewed, or downloaded.

Full Explanation

Excel Companion

Example of Blogger Website

Example of Using Blogger as a platform to post assignments for students.

Click on the icon to see how to build a Blogger and use lessons from Curriculum Pathways on it for your classroom.

Click on the icon to view a rationale of why using lessons from Curriculum Pathways on a Blogger can work well with your classroom for your students to learn at home and in school.

Click on the icon to see how a web-flyer document can help gain interst in your lesson, or gain support for your pressional devleopment of using Curriculum Pathways and Blogger and Smore at your school.

Charles Lynch [ Instructional Technology ]

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