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Social Networking

Social networking is a complex topic in schools. Should we use it to teach? Shouldn't we use it to teach? Is it safe? Will the school allow it?

I all depends on the user and how it is used and if it is allowed in a school district.

To the right is the link to download my file on using Social Networking in the classroom using the application Instagram. It also goes over how to use Padlet and has a Screencast-O-Matic explaining the whole document at the bottom of the explanation file.

Below is an example of an Instagram I have built and the link will take you to the student resources website I have built where the Instagram is embedded into the webpage so students not on it can see the information, likes and discussions as well. By clicking the link you will be brought to another website. Please click your back arrow button to come back here when you are done.

Document for Social Media

Example of Using Instagram with students for educational uses.

Charles Lynch [ Instructional Technology ]

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