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Newburgh ECSD Model Lesson

Newburgh ECSD Model Lesson

Google Forms - Overview

Lesson Steps

Using Google Forms for assessments to replace paper exams and homework.​

This allows teachers to:

- automatically grade, view and analyze assignments

- assign homework that can be done from any device in virtually any environment

- create content specific to each class and student needs.

Resources for Lesson


Pre-Steps (Level: 0)

  1. Navigate to

  2. Sign into your Google account/same as Gmail account if not signed in already.

  3. Set up our first form by going to the templates section on the top right, clicking it and scrolling down to the "Education" section.

  4. Click on assessment and open it.


Ask for future Help


Core-Steps (Level: 1)

  1. Name Form “Lynch Model Lesson” in the top left.

    • Notice on the top it says "Auto-Saved"; When online everything you change will save right away.​

  2. Go to the right and select preferences and set up your main preferences

    • Set it to always "Collect Email Addresses"

    • Make it so each question is one point each

    • Make it so all questions are required

      • Side Notes: You can duplicate any Form by clicking options again and select "Make a copy".

  3. The Basic Types of questions Google Forms has are:

    • Multiple Choice

    • Checkboxes

    • Short answer

    • Paragraph

  4. Click on this link: Sample Questions to copy in questions of each type.

  5. How the answer key works:

    • You are able to pick the answer as an option or type in a specific answer.

  6. Settings:

    • General: Exam is collecting email​ and is limited to one response only.

    • Quizzes: toggle is already on "Make this a quiz", and that only "Point Values" is selected.

    • Click "Save".

  7. When the questions and answers are set up, now it is time to share it to your students.

    • Go to the Send button on the top right​ that says "Share"

      • You can either email it here by typing in class@"schoolsemail" to send it to your whole class in Google Classroom​

      • Use the link to copy and paste it into a blogger for students to use.


Ending-Steps (Level: 2)

  1. Responses:

    • Can be sorted:

      • Summary

      • By student

      • Question

  2. Grades can also be shown in a Google Sheet.

What else can Google Forms do?

  • Beginning of the year get to know you forms

  • Surveys

  • Exit tickets

  • Science Lab input

  • ​Creative writing

  • Community data analyzing.

Please take this exit ticket Google Form


More Resources

News Articles

New Feature coming in the Fall to Google Forms - Lockdown Exams to relieve cheating.

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PDF Version of Instructions


Further lessons on Google Forms by Chuck Lynch


Video Lesson Review

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