ISTE Standard 4

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4. Professional development and program evaluation

Technology coaches conduct needs assessments, develop technology-related professional learning programs, and evaluate the impact on instructional practice and student learning.

a. Conduct needs assessments to inform the content and delivery of technology-related professional learning programs that result in a positive impact on student learning

The link below, connects to a Needs Assessment. I have been doing these for years without calling it that. They are important so that students aren't taught the same information time and time again, because no one wants to speak up. It is also allows the teacher to know where to start before giving a lesson or course on the information. 

b. Design, develop, and implement technology rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning, and assessment

The links below cover the creation and usage of social media safely for the classroom, a professional development and a list of resources with similar foundations for using in a professional development and in the classroom. 

c. Evaluate results of professional learning programs to determine the effectiveness on deepening teacher content knowledge, improving teacher pedagogical skills and/or increasing student learning

The links below attach to documents that state how Google Forms can be used in the classroom and is the foundation rationale for my online professional development for the same. this is important to have to be able to have students learn and use technology fluently.

Charles Lynch [ Instructional Technology ]